Power BI with Cortana

Integration of Power BI with Cortana

Let us first understand the purpose behind the integration of Power BI with Cortana.

Power BI is a business intelligence tool by Microsoft for analyzing data, generating instant reports, and deriving better insights out of it. Moreover, Cortana is an A.I. assistant by Microsoft that offers capabilities beyond human imagination.

By integrating both these powerful technologies, one can analyze data in a much more smarter and efficient manner, reducing manual interventions wherever possible.

Install Power BI on a Windows 10 machine and sign in with your Microsoft account. In addition, Cortana too must be signed in with the same account to integrate it with Power BI.

  • Ensure you have Windows 10 version 1511 (Windows 10 November Update) or higher.
  • Add the work or school account you use with Power BI to Windows 10 within account settings.
  • Install and configure Power BI Enterprise Gateways from https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/gateway/
  • Follow the steps on the link provided below to create custom answer pages for Cortana with Power BI.


  • Train Cortana with your voice and make it learn your accent.
  • Have your O365 accounts set in place and there you go.
  • Publish your custom-created answer pages to Power BI web and simply ask Cortana your questions.
Integration of Power BI with Cortana
Integration of Power BI with Cortana

For instance, here is a sample that I tried. Go ahead and try out yourselves. GOOD LUCK!

In conclusion, you will learn more and have fun doing POCs. Share your experiences and comments below.
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