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Newfold Digital

Company: Newfold Digital (formerly Endurance Group)
Designation: Lead Software Development Engineer in Test
Duration: January 2019 to Present
Location: Goregaon West, Maharashtra, India

Solely responsible to test & automate over 80+ brands as part of the Enterprise team, using the TDD approach. Transitioned to APAC Engineering and extensively contributed towards functional & non-functional testing of the Bluehost Maestro product, built for web professionals using WordPress.

  • Built a test framework from scratch using RobotFramework & Python for UI & API automation (keyword-driven), and used Zephyr for test case management. Integrated with Selenium Grid & Docker to enhance its capabilities.
  • Contributed to Quality Engineering initiatives by going the extra mile. Learned and implemented various Testing strategies to improve overall product quality: Automation coverage, Static Code Analysis, Accessibility Testing, MySQL queries for test data cleanup, debug logs on AWS CloudWatch, AWS SES integration, Jenkins pipeline creation via OpenShift CLI, Allure report integration, BrowserStack integration, test enhancements & upgrades.
  • Routinely trusted to manage projects effectively, mentor junior colleagues & help analyze problem solutions.
  • Spearheaded the APAC-SDET team: conducted Brown-bag sessions, enhanced the Test Automation framework, documented findings by focussing on Quality Excellence, designed common KPIs & Metrics & hired fresh talent.

Company: ZI Systech Pvt. Ltd. (SoGoSurvey)
Designation: Senior Lead QA Engineer and Product Lead
Duration: October 2016 to January 2019
Location: Bandra West, Maharashtra, India

High-level product decisions with senior management, leading a team of 8 QE’s and 4 PMs.  Promoted to PM and Sr. Lead QA Engineer within 6 months, with expertise in competitive intelligence of products & automation testing.

  • Initiated UI Automation testing using Selenium IDE, WebDriver, TestNG, and Java to thoroughly test the three products: Zarca, SoGoSurvey & K12Insight. Deep functional knowledge & actively involved in the STLC process.
  • Tested & integrated Salesforce to push and pull data like Leads, Contacts, Campaigns, Contracts, Opportunities, Cases, Accounts, and Custom objects. Managed releases and workflows for Engineering, PM & QE teams.
  • Conceptualized & deployed enhanced features, created product roadmaps & performance benchmarks, demos and testimonials for evaluation, competitor analysis, promotional strategies, tree testing & card sorting tools.
MAQ Software

Company: MAQ Software Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: Software Development Engineer
Duration: December 2015 to June 2016
Location: Goregaon East, Maharashtra, India

Rigorous Bootcamp and onboarded to projects like “Big Data Analytics & Cloud Computing” and “Account-based Marketing” for clients like Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks primarily using Microsoft Azure DevOps(VSTS) & Cloud.

  • Designed & implemented an automated ETL process using SSIS by creating, scheduling & running jobs daily or weekly. Developed library functions using C# to integrate with U-SQL queries to execute PowerShell scripts to upload/download Petabytes of structured data via Cloud virtual clusters like Sandbox, Azure VMs & Cosmos DB.
  • Migrated data from on-premise DB to Cloud using SSDT tools improving overall analysis & efficiency by 80%
  • Created workflow diagrams, Gantt charts to depict process timelines, PowerBI integration with Cortana (AI).



Employee of the Release x 2

For two successful releases with respect to Zarca, K12 Insight & SoGoSurvey products, at ZI Systech Pvt. Ltd.


The Rockstar Award (Global)

First employee from Team India, awarded for overall performance from Team US, at ZI Systech Pvt. Ltd.


Props – Fist Bump Award for Collaboration

For overall annual performance by Lauren Richter (Product Owner, Burlington) at Endurance Group.


Props – Fist Bump Award for Driving Results

For Bluehost Maestro product beta launch by Sudheer Meesala (Engineering Manager) at Endurance Group.


The Rockstar Award

For being instrumental in all Quality Engineering initiatives across Endurance Group (APAC).


Props – Fist Bump Award for Collaboration

For Campus and SDET Lateral hirings by Rahul K. Raja (SDET Team Lead) at Endurance Group.


The Einstein Award for Delivering Perfection

For remarkable performance across entire APAC Engineering and SDET teams at Endurance Group.


Mini-InnoJam Winner (APAC Engineering)

Winner of an org-wide hackathon for the project “Insignia Loyalty Experience” at Newfold Digital.




Rahul K. Raja ex. SDET Lead, Newfold Digital
Rahul K. Raja
ex. SDET Lead, Newfold Digital

Siddhant has been a marvelous contributor as a Senior Software Development Engineer in Test – II. He has worked diligently & kept on building a stronger Quality gateway across the Bluehost ecosystem. Recently, he has been primarily working in the Bluehost ecosystem contributing to both Maestro & APAC automation tech stacks. He has played a vital role in spearheading the SDET members. Leveraged cutting-edge testing techniques in both functional and non-functional areas like UI & API automation, Static code analysis, Code coverage, Testing KPIs & automation metrics, AWS SES integration, SQL queries for test data deletion, debugging logs using AWS CloudWatch, New Relic monitoring, Accessibility testing, Performance & Load testing, Jenkins pipelines configuration, BrowserStack & so on. Moreover, he has maintained the automation test coverage always above 95% with shift-left testing & in-sprint automation.


Lauren Richter - Website Product Owner at Newfold Digital (formerly Endurance Group)
Lauren Richter
ex. Product Owner, Newfold Digital

I have had the pleasure of working with Siddhant on a front-of-site agile team at Endurance International Group. In my time working with him, Siddhant lead QA efforts, thoroughly testing product quality, supporting our releases, continuous delivery and automation efforts, and site monitoring.  As our team supports several different platforms and therefore workflows and processes, context-switching and cross-team coordination were critical skills for success. Not only did Siddhant display those, but he consistently went above and beyond to help the team and others.  He is thoughtful and conscientious about his work and dedication to delivering high-quality results in a timely manner. Time after time, Siddhant has stayed late to answer questions, troubleshoot, and make our launches possible—all while maintaining a great attitude. Siddhant has been an awesome teammate and highly regarded team player across the board.


Zaid Lakdawala - Director at SoGoSurvey (ZI Systech Pvt. Ltd.)
Zaid Lakdawala
Director of Engineering at SoGoSurvey

Determined and ambitious Siddhant joined us as an SDET and was promoted to Lead Product Engineer within the very first six months, based on his excellent performance. Seeing his dedication and inclination towards the Reports module across all the products: SoGoSurvey, Zarca Interactive & K12 Insight, he was promoted to Lead SDET Engineer for the Reports module while assisting in the Product Management role. He is very dedicated & gives his best in whatever role he is assigned. The robustness of the Reports module is proof of his excellent testing skills. Excellent at communicating and that’s the reason for his success as a Product Lead. An introvert, but that doesn’t stop him to be an excellent leader & a great communicator. One of those who work hard without showing off. One instance that I can recall is the critical Omni report release, where the estimated release timeline was 8 days, but Siddhant went the extra mile by working overtime along with his team and gave a sign-off within 5 days. This was the best successful release under his leadership, delivered with the optimum build quality.